Tips for Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney
Posted by attorneyinhonolulu, 03/27/2018 5:57 am

Interest has been growing in estate planning in recent years, thanks primarily to changes in relevant laws, medical care, and family structure. Those who are interested in drafting essential documents shouldn't be left to perform this important task alone; they need to find an estate planning attorney in Honolulu who can help. Read on to find some tips for choosing the right attorney below.

Area of Expertise

Just like someone who was attempting to file for divorce wouldn't entrust a personal injury attorney with filing paperwork and representing their interests, a client who wants to draft a revocable living trust or a last will and testament shouldn't just go to any law office for help. Find an attorney that has plenty of experience with estate planning, as this will ensure that all documents are drafted correctly and according to all legal requirements. Failing to properly draft documents can lead to a whole lot of hassle further down the line when all clients want to do is to ensure that their assets will be distributed appropriately and their personal interests will be protected in the event that they become incapacitated.

Don't Get Caught up in the Hype

A lot of attorneys these days will advertise themselves using catchy slogans. Don't base the decision of who to entrust with this important and very serious matter on an eye-catching billboard; instead, do some research and see what kind of information the attorney's website offers regarding his or her services. This will help clients get a better idea of what to expect when they choose to work with a particular law office to plan their estates.

Go Local

Of course, any attorney entrusted with assisting clients in legal matters must be licensed to practice in Hawaii. Appropriate licenses aren't the only advantage of going local, though. When they choose a local attorney who is involved in the community for estate planning Honolulu residents can rest assured that not only will their best interests be protected, but the money they pay their lawyers will be going to support their own community.

Up-Front Fees

Be sure that any attorney who is chosen to draft estate documents, or perform any important legal function, really, is up-front about fee ranges. While most attorneys won't be able to quote their clients an exact fee without knowing the particulars of what services they need, they should at least be able to offer an estimated fee range after the first consultation. Choosing an attorney who offers free consultations means that clients have nothing to lose should their services be too expensive to meet their budgets, so it's not a bad idea to ask about free initial consultations.

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